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Bee Control

    Bees,one of the most dangerous thing that will invade your space. Bees will hide in a cool dark place and not bother you much until you accidentally disturb them out in the yard, in a meter box, a fountain or even in your house. Then when you least expect it OUCH. Bees are a very docile creature until they feel threatened then they have a very efficient way of attacking you in numbers and it can get very dangerous.If you see a hive or even suspect a hive give us a call and we will do the investigation for you. At our prices there is no reason to attempt it yourself.

An industry secret that most won't share is bees that land in a tree in the yard or an exposed place are probably a swarm just resting and will leave in a few hours if they stay longer than that they are probably setting up shop,to stay. Another call we receive is for bees buzzing around a blooming plant there is usually nothing that can be done and is a waste of money to try but as soon as you see them starting to ball up and make a hive that's when its time to take action.

Our bee service starts at $75 and usually includes anything that can be reached from the ground and is of reasonable size.We have the equipment to get to most locations and the price will be discussed before we start work there is no charge for an estimate unless a trip charge was mentioned when the appointment was booked.

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