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Rodent Control

Rodents are a nuisance animal that can cause a lot of damage to a property and goods that cost money not to count the germs they spread in the process. Rats and mice have no control of their waste so they are always leaving urine and droppings on the trail if you get a heavy infestation you can use a black light to trace the urine trail where they travel.A common mistake people make is using bait inside the house causing rodents to die inside the house and stink very bad. Baits should never be used inside the house only traps for this location.Another worry i have about people placing their own baits is some baits still contain poisons which are not reversible if ingested by a pet or child. The only way to go in a baiting situation is a anticoagulant bait which takes a huge amount of bait to be ingested before it will even cause a problem and even if this is accomplished it can be reversed with a simple shot at the doctor or vet. Please don't take this as advice on how to handle or place bait this is strictly information to inform a potential customer of the danger of baiting and baiting for any reason should always be left to a licensed professional.

We have Also made great progress in the way of ground squirrels and in a lot of cases getting complete control of them with baiting plans. Ground squirrels have always been a worry on the minds of people with landscaping and irrigation,because of the damage they can do.Horse owner also share the ground squirrel worry cause they make soft runs in the dirt thats the horses can step through and hurt themselves.

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